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Saint Patrick Parish



Planned Giving offers a way to realize the importance of Saint Patrick Parish in our lives and shows us the financial and estate planning benefits of giving to support the long-term ministry of Saint Patrick Parish.

Fulfilling Stewardship


  • Receiving God’s gifts gratefully

  • Tending to them in a responsible manner

  • Sharing them in love and justice with others 

  • Returning them with increase to the Lord


Meeting Individual Needs


Planned Giving at Saint Patrick Parish is a way to respond to God’s gifts in ways that fit each individual's personal and family situation and needs.

Financial Benefits of Planned Giving


Financially, Planned Giving is very beneficial for donors. By making a planned gift, donors can:

  • Increase current income

  • Increase current income tax deductions

  • Increase estate and gift tax deductions

  • Bypass capital gains taxes

  • Conserve estate assets for heirs -- even pass on larger estates

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